Ship Classification



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Ship Classification is a mechanism by which the international shipping industry regulates itself. Ship Classification implies development of rules (standards) for the construction and maintenance of a ship's structure and essential engineering system and implementation of such rules in new building and existing ships to ensure the safety of the ships.


carries out design appraisals to ensure compliance with its rules and regulations. These cover hull structures, engines, generators, steering gears, propeller, electrical, piping and control systems, and other major machinery components.

Ship Life-Cycle and Class Surveys

During the construction process, PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC. (PMDS)surveyors regularly inspect materials at shipyards, supervise welding procedures, review and witness welder performance qualification tests, perform on-site surveys and monitor fabrication during all stages of the construction, witness destructive testing, survey the building and installation on board at the shipyard of all essential machinery, and attends final dock and sea trials.

Survey after Construction

Maintenance of Class PMDS Classification is assured by the system of periodic surveys to determine continued compliance with its Rules. These include various surveys of hull and machinery on a continuing basis.

Classification of Existing Ships

Existing ships, not built under PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC. (PMDS)supervision, can also be classed with us only after ensuring conformity with our Rules.