operates a global network of over 200 surveyors strategically located in major ports and coastal cities around the world in order to facilitate the coordination and conduct of surveys and the issuance of interim certificates while our technical department in Panama City (our headquarters) evaluates and issues the statutory certificates pursuant to the provisions of the international conventions and national regulations applicable to each individual case.  

Do not hesitate in contact us at for additional information. At PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC. (ClassPMDS), we will be more than willing to assist you with all survey processes and the issuance of the following certificates, subject to prior approval by the Panama Maritime Authority and IMMARBE:


List of technical certificates and services that we offer:


• Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate (CSSE)
• Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate (CSSR)
• Cargo Ship Radiotelephony Certificate (CSRTC)
• Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate (CSSC)
• International Load Line Certificate (ILLC)
• International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPP)
• International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69) and National Tonnage Certificate
• Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (Vessels under 500 GRT)
• Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation (CICA)
• Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006)
• Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate (FVS)
• Document of Authorization for the Carriage of Grain
• Certificate of Measurement for Non-Convention Sized Ships (Simplified Method)
• Certificate of Safety Radio and Safety Equipment for Non-Convention Ships
• Non Convention / Convention Safety Certificate for Pleasure Yachts
• Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk (GC)

• Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (BCH)

• Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage by Sea of Dangerous Goods (DOC/IMDG)
• Cargo Gear Certificate
• Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (CCSSC)
• Exemptions / Authorization Letters / Dry Dock Extensions / Special Permits
• Garbage Pollution Prevention Certificate
• Passenger Ship Safety Certificate) (Belize)
• Conditional Survey for the International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS)
• Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate
• Certificate of Compliance for the Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargoes
• International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISPP)
• International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP)
• Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP)
• Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS)
• International Anti-Fouling System/ Declaration on Anti-Fouling Systems (AFS)
• Dry Dock/ Bottom Surveys

• Monitoring Under Water Survey (UWS)
• Witness for the Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
• Class Certificate (Hull & Machinery/Electric)
• Enhance Survey Program (ESP)
• Calculation Sheet for ILLC
• Calculation Sheet for ITC
• Bollard Pull Statement
• Trim & Stability Booklet Approval
• Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) Approval
• Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP) Approval
• Statement of Ship Condition
• Pre-Purchase Survey
• Document of Compliance (ISM)
• Safety Management Certificate (ISM)
• International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)
• Ship Security Plan (SSP) Approval
• Continuous Synopsys Record (CSR)

• Pleasure Yachts
• Garbage Certificate (PPG)
• On-Site and Long Distance Training Courses
• ISM Code and ISO 9000 Consultancy
• ISM Code and ISO 9000 Consultancy
• Hull and Machinery / P&I Surveys
• Advisory on Elaboration of ISM Code / ISO Manuals / MLC 2006
• Seaworthiness Certificate for Single Voyages
• Others

Manual Approvals:

• Cargo Securing Manual Approval
• Ballast Water Management Plan Approval
• Volatile Organic Compounds Plan Approval
• Operations Manual Approval
• Procedures and Arrangements Manual Approval
• Ship-to-Ship Transfer Manual Approval

• Damage Control Plan Approval
• Garbage Management Manual Approval
• Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODMCS)

Plan Approvals:

• Damage Stability Plan Approval
• General Arrangement Plan Approval
• Fire and Safety Plan Approval
• Ship Security Plan Approval