Panama Maritime Documentation Services (ClassPMDS) offers a web-application developed by Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd, for supporting ship owners / ship managers in meeting the IMO DCS regulatory requirements (MARPOL, Annex VI, Regulation 22A).


This simplified tool has been designed and developed for supporting companies in correctly collecting and reporting data for compliance with both EU MRV & IMO DCS regulations: the mrv_log


The main purpose of the tool is to collect the necessary information and generate annual reports will be delivered to PMDS to perform the verification:

–          Report template as per the requirements

–          Data reporting

–          Data management

–          Pre-verification services to ensure that all errors/omissions, discrepancies and data gaps are timely and appropriately treated.

–          The mrv_log does not require any specific hardware or software installation onboard, and enables online as well as offline reporting on a per voyage basis.

–          Its functionality is based on guiding companies in the collection of the minimum required information (online or offline using a specific excel form which can be uploaded in the system at any given time), and the performance of all necessary auto-calculations by the system itself, for the simultaneous preparation of the annual Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions reports, fully in line with the regulatory requirements.

–          In support of the mrv_log, the automatic collection of data through any company-specific daily (noon) reporting tool can be integrated into the System, enabling it to perform the necessary EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting activities directly, without any additional administrative burden for the crew or company.

–          In case specifically requested, auditors can additionally perform pre-verification of reported data at regular intervals or on an ongoing basis, to ensure completeness, correctness and accuracy of the reported data.


PMDS Services


PMDS have developed services for the compliance of the DCS regulation as follow:


ü  Amendment of SEEMP (addition of SEEMP Part II) by ships.

ü  Application of approval for SEEMP Part II and issuance of the COC.

ü  Data Collection for fuel oil consumption and aggregation of the collected data, and reporting to the Administration.

ü  Review of data and issuance of the Statement of Compliance


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