EF-MA novelseas Ltd proudly announces the launching of a Strategic Cooperation with Panama Maritime Documentation Services Inc. (ClassPMDS), an internationally renowned independent Panamanian Classification Society.

The Strategic Cooperation concluded, includes:

-Joint activities (involving novelseas duly qualified personnel) for the performance of Monitoring Plan Assessment and Shipping Emissions Verification in accordance with the EU Shipping Emissions MRV Regulation

-Joint activities for the performance of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans Assessment and Fuel Consumption Data Collection, review and verification in accordance with the relevant IMO requirements

-Cooperation on Training, Research & Development activities, related to Fuel Consumption Data Collection and Shipping Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification

Panama Maritime Documentation Services Inc. (ClassPMDS) was founded in Panama in 1989.
As a leading ship classification society, is also recognized as a highly reliable, impartial, third party assessment organization by ship-owners, shipyards, maritime insurers, and port state control agencies around the world.

ClassPMDS broad range of services encompass all aspects of ship assessment from the approval of vessel and machinery plans to the surveys and registration of ship installations, approval of materials, equipment and outfitting gear, as well as the assessment and registration of ship safety management systems and security systems.

ClassPMDS operates a global network of over 100 surveyors strategically located in major ports and coastal cities around the world in order to facilitate the coordination and conduct of surveys, managed by the technical department in Panama City Headquarters.